Pssh decoder

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2018. 4. 16. · Section 1 of the "cenc" Initialization Data Format specification states that: "The format is one or more concatenated Protection System Specific Header ('pssh') boxes [CENC], each for a unique SystemID. One of the concatenated 'pssh' boxes should use the Common SystemID and PSSH Box Format."
3 methods to find PSSH: 1- The simplest one: PSSH is clearly indicated in MPD file. Download MPD file (browser add-on "MPD Detector" will give you MPD link), open it with Notepad, search for pssh value. 2- If there is KID, but no PSSH in MPD, calculate PSSH by using KID:
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PsshEntry. #include <NdkMediaExtractor.h>. mapping of crypto scheme uuid to the scheme specific data for that scheme.